25 Aug 2015

The Jesuit Extreme Oath

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The following is the Jesuit Extreme Oath of Induction given to high ranking Jesuits
only. This oath is taken from the book Subterranean Rome by Carlos Didier, translated from the French, and published in New York in 1843.
“When a Jesuit of the minor rank is to be elevated to command, he is
conducted into the Chapel of the Convent of the Order, where there are
only three others present, the principal or Superior standing in front of the
altar. On either side stands a monk, one of whom holds a banner of yellow
and white, which are the Papal colors, and the other a black banner with a
dagger and red cross above a skull and crossbones, with the word INRI,
and below them the words IUSTUM, NECAR, REGES, IMPIOUS. The
meaning of which is: It is just to exterminate or annihilate impious or
heretical Kings, Governments, or Rulers.


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