25 Aug 2015

The 4 Blood Moons

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Get Ready For The White False Messiah That Will Come In His Own Name And
Not The One And Only(Hebrew) Name That States In The scriptures You Can Be
Saved By As The Creator Stated Himself In The Last days The Great Tribulation
Call On My (Hebrew) Name Because He Was (Hebrew) Not Greek Italian or
English German But (Hebrew)So That Means There Is Only One name That
Name is YAHUSHA The Black Messiah Not White So Do Not Be Fooled When It
Starts He is using The False Babylonian Calendar With the 4 Red Moons This is
Not The Real Calendar That Was Given To Enoch And Moses It’s a Big
Deception As YAHUSHA Said Don’t Be Deceived

  • Planets and the wondering destroyer.
  • Nibru and Abbadon.


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