13 Jan 2016

Satanic & Nazi Symbols on New German ID Card – Rockefella 911 – Malaysian Holywood

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Most people in Germany were more or less aware that their new ID cards carried a RFID Chip, which made their ID’s identifiable from a distance and probably also from satellites.Various German researchers then dug a little deeper and found very strange symbols engraved and also within the water-mark.If Baphomet of Templar fame – in the 12th to 14th century AD – was ever abstractly pictured, then a daemonic entity like the one shown may well has appeared in this form. In any case, so-called “New Templar Orders” of today appear to recognize this abstract face as the daemonic Baphomet.
This follows from research done by Jan Udo Holey (a.k.a. Jan van Helsing) who published various interviews with “Templar Grand Masters”.


Download Satanic & Nazi Symbolis – Rockefella 9 11 – Malaysian Hollywood