12 Jan 2016

Santa Claus or Satan Claws?

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Back in 1981, when I was first “born-again” by the blood of Messiah, Yahuwshuwa, I began to ask the Heavenly Father for the gift of discerning of spirits (1st Corinthians 12:10). One of the first things that I learned was how to discern the difference between the holy and the profane (Ezekiel 44:23). During the month of December in 1982, the Father revealed to me the true identity of “Santa Claus.” I was a brand new mother with a five-month old son, and I was driving in my car with the baby strapped in his car seat in the back, when something startling caught my eye. As I was driving past a marquis in front of a shopping center in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, I read the shocking words: “Satan is coming!”


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