25 Aug 2015

“Religious” Names and Expressions

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All commentators agree that Gad is a pagan deity, and so is Meni. Gad is usually
interpreted as the well-known Syrian or Canaanite deity of “Good Luck” or “Fortune”,
and Meni the deity of “Destiny”. This Gad is written in the Hebrew as GD, but the
Massoretes afterwards vowel – pointed it, adding an “a”, to five us “Gad”. However, we
find other references in Scripture to a similar deity, if not the same one, also spelt GD in
the Hebrew text but this time vowel – pointed to read “Gawd” or “God”, in Jos. 11:17,
12:7, 13:5, where we find: “Baal-Gawd” or “Baal-God”, according to the vowel – pointed
Massoretic Hebrew text.


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