25 Aug 2015

Giants, Fallen Angles, Tower of Babel and Nephilim, Gensis Ch. 6 Verse 4

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This is Steve Quayle on Coast to Coast talking about Nephilim and Giants namely
the giant in particular that is featured on his Longwalkers book cover. A phone call on the show has a pilot talking who is an informant to Steve re: a shipment he flew from Afghanistan that the cargo was The corpse of a 12ft man- who weighed upwards of 1500 lbs, had 6 fingers and toes. This 12 ft giant attacked a small squadron of US soldiers who had ventured into the mountains of Afghanistan in search of Taliban. 9 soldiers were killed – ripped apart and eaten by this thing before it was finally killed. The soldier reports that it was able to run up to 40 km in 2 footsteps and incredibly strong-in smell and strength! These are the NEPHILIM… this being a small one (about the same size as biblical Goliath) and they are already IN the earth literally . Some are chained and bound by Yah (in an exactment of judgement they will be released upon the earth to
terrorize the wicked)

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