25 Aug 2015

Catholic Prophecies.

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We are now entering the fulfillment of prophecy 2013 years old. The Jesuits have
murdered millions of Christians over the centuries and that is why our forefathers fled, Another indication of this newly elected pope being the prophecised Petro Romanus is that his parents were of Italian nationality, they emigrated to Argentina, so that makes Francis I Italian by blood and origin. Also the Jesuits take many oaths on becoming enrolled in the order. Many of these are blood curdling but one is that the question is put to the priest, in their apostolic missionary zeal that they have been renowned for, ” Are you willing to go and preach the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, and by what
maimer will you go. The answer to this is ‘I will go in the ship of Peter’, ie I will go in
name and power of the first Peter (the apostle). They take Peter has their example and helper. On entering the order the Jesuit takes a saints name to superseed his own, I dont know what this popes is, as it is secret as much of the orders ways are, but is it
possible is may be Peter. Hence Petros Romanus, Peter the Roman. The last pope. He
could also be called the ‘the Black Pope’ as the Jesuits vestments and regalia is black. The Jesuits in bygone times dressed completely in black robes. It was prophecised by Malachy the 11th priest that Peter Romanus would lead his flock through tribulation
so are we seeing a pope who will be with his people through persecution as the first
Peter did.

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  • What is a Jubilee Year.

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